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And I know... my hearts no longer mine

but its just another wasted arrow

6 March
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24 hour diners, 57 chevy bel airs, 7-11, 78 rpm, accents, alcohol, anonymous, apologies, asmodeus, astro zombies, autumn after dark, batmobile, bats, being used, bela lugosi, bettie page, biting my nails, black and white, black cats, black hair, blood, blushing, boba, bubble gum, carefree, celtic bones, chalk, cheating, coffee, coffin nails, dark, death valley surfers, degrassi, demented are go, deuces wild, dion and the belmonts, dirty dancing, dracula, drawing, drive in movie theaters, drugs, edgar allan poe, egress, elvis, escape, eyeliner, fishnets, food, frank sinatra, frantic flintstones, french toast for dinner, fresh laundry, friends first, geoff kresge, girls night out, godless wicked creeps, greaser boys, greek mythology, guana batz, h.p. lovecraft, halloween, hillbilly hellcats, hoods, horror movies, hugs, iberia trash, ibiza hippie, james dean, jet black machine, kenickie from grease, kennedy's, kryptonix, lazy summers, lip gloss, lollipops, long tall texans, los gatos locos, louis armstrong, lust, lying, mad sin, mafia, magic, marilyn monroe, melrose, memories, molly ringwald movies, morrissey, movies, music, nailpolish, nekromantix, nick 13, night, parties, personality disorders, phantom rockers, photon torpedoes, piercings, pin-up girls, poetry, pretending, psychology, reading, record players, red lips, revenge, rocky horror picture show, running away, scum rats, secrets, sex, showers, side burns, singing, sirens, sketching, sleeping, stand-up bass, stars, sublime, swimming, swing, swing dancing, tarot cards, tattoos, the 20's, the 50's, the 80's, the cramps, the meteors, the outsiders, the quakes, the smiths, thee flatliners, thora birch, thunderstorms, tiger army, travel, typewriters, valley girl, vampires, vegetarianism, venice, vice squad, victoria's secret, vintage, wishing on a star, writing, zoot suiters