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last night i hung out with chrissy.
i havnt seen her in a while.
so it was cool.
we didnt have anything to do.
so first we went to second hand rose on artesia
and then to aardvark in hermosa. she got shoes.
and then to borders to see if they had these cds i wanted.

god save the sin -mad sin
survival of the sickest -mad sin
hellucifernication -demented are go
zombification -os catalepticos
nightmare on nervous -frantic flintstones
the ultimate frantic flintstones -frantic flintstones

of course, they didnt.
but i did order
return of the loving dead -nekromantix
and i found
no matter what mood im in
morrissey makes everything okay.
(i have a borders card, thats the only reason i went there for cds)

then we brought beth chips and dip.
but we couldnt find the dip she wanted and she wouldnt settle for anything else,
that bitch,
so i waited for chrissy in the car while she went into vons.
*i wont cross picket lines*
then we stopped by hannahs house for batteries.
i needed batteries for a car cd player bcuz chrissys car doesnt have a cd player and i didnt check to see if i had batteries when i left home.
then we didnt know what to do.
so we went to premiere video to get a movie
and saw hillary there with her cousin and some friends.
we didnt find a movie we wanted
so we just went to chrissys house and watched some movie she had.
... mystic pizza.

but yah.
im sure EVERYONE cares.
and i hate entries about my day.
but u know what.
im bored.
fuck off.
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